Rights Respecting School

March 2016

Each class has been learning about different rights and we have been linking our learning to United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.  Examples of this learning is  marked by Robbie Rights our Rights Respecting Mascot.

We are developing an ethos where everyone is respected and you will find a classroom charter in each class. We have these so we know how to respect one another and how we can become responsible citizens. We are becoming more aware of the language used to show respect towards everyone.

We have making progress in working towards ‘The Rights Respecting Schools Award’ as a whole school. We now have a dinner hall charter and a playground charter and these were made in collaboration with our Rights Respecting Ambassadors. To help our playground become more rights respecting we now have peer mediators helping resolve minor disputes between children. These children are monitored and supported by staff and have regular training.

We have had assemblies where we have been learning about rights. Most recently, we were learning about Article 19- 'You have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, in body or mind.' We spoke about how we were all heroes in our school and to know what to do if we were being bullied or knew about someone being bullied. Next month, we are going to be looking at rights through the eyes of book characters during World Book Day.

In addition, we have been developing our Thinking Skills this year using Making Thinking Visible so this month we have begun using Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate to recap on all the rights we know. Keep an eye on our Twitter page to see our progress!

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors have plans for the rest of term including pupil selected social goals, going into other classes to teach about rights and setting up Learning Walks in the school so people can see the journey of learning throughout our school.

We have been very busy and we will continue to be as we broaden our knowledge and our awareness of other children around the world.

Please have a chat with us about which rights we have been finding out about.

The pupils of Laurieston Primary School